The following wants have been received:
  1. Related stocks homozygous for Ga and ga. Sprague.
  2. A multiple recessive stock for each chromosome involving as great a map distance as possible with genes so situated as to reduce undetected double crossovers to a minimum. Sprague.
  3. Variegated pericarp material from different sources. Whenever possible variegated/red cob white combination is preferable. Demerec.
  4. Allelomorphs or suspected allelomorphs of R such as marbled, stippled, navajo, mottled, etc., and allelomorphs of R affecting plant characters. Stadler.
  5. Multiple recessive combinations of genes in the pr-v2 group. Rhoades.
  6. Any recessive gene in the gl1 v5 group that is carrying dominant yellow endosperm. Hayes.
  7. The combinations al-Y-Pl; ij-ra-gl1; a1-na1 lg1-gl2-b; pr-bm1 su-gl3; Y-Pl pr-bm1; P-f1-an; p-f1-an. Burnham.
  8. Multiple seedling combinations for the same and different linkage groups; particularly new genes such as lg2, glossies, argostripe. Randolph.
  9. The combination a1 pr in with any glossy. Randolph.
  10. Seedling genes in the Y-Pl group other than al and py. Randolph.