Listed below are the best available multiple combinations of genes in each of the 10 chromosomes:

Some of these stocks have just been isolated and the supply of seed is limited. By next summer enough seed should be available for everybody having a use for the stocks. However an attempt will be made this spring to supply any of the listed stocks as long as the supply holds out.

Chromosome Combination Map distance covered by these factors Total length of known genetic map
I p-br-f1-bm2 125 125
II lg1-gl2-b-v4 80 80
III a1-na-cr1 79 79
IV su-Tu-gl3 40 70
V ys-pr-bm1 pr-bm1-v2 30 57 87
VI al-y-Pl-py 69 69
VII Bn-gl1-v5 Bn-ra-v5 26 26
VIII j-ms8 20 27
IX yg2-c-sh-wx 52 96
X r-g-nl 33 33