Induced mutants

Stadler has kindly furnished this laboratory with the following mutants which he obtained in his X-ray work. We increased these stocks this past summer and they are available for distribution to anyone wishing to study their linkage relations.

Segregating mutant Viability Linkage indication
Argentia (ara) good close to su
dwarf (db) good none
dwarf (da) good slight - Y repulsion
yellow green (yga) low none
pale green (pga)
(might = ara)
good close to su
(low ratio)
probably fair none
virescent (va)
(not induced)
good none
glossy (glb) fair none
glossy (glc) fair none
fine streaked (fia) good none
glossy (gld) lethal none
pale green possibly viable none
pale green (wilts) very low close to Y
pale green lethal 20 units from Y


The names and symbols given to these mutants are merely for convenient reference. When they have been more thoroughly tested names and symbols will be assigned to them.