16. My collection includes the following aleurone, anther, and silk color combinations, in which "+" indicates colored and "-" colorless :-

  aleurone anther silk
Rrg + + -
Rgg + - -
rrr - + +
rgr - - +
rgg - - -

I need the following :-

  Aleurone anther silk
Rrr + + +

The nearest approach to this in my former collections was Navajo-pattern colored aleurone, colored anthers, and colored silks. Colored anthers appear always to be associated with some color in glumes, sheaths, brace roots, etc. and, except in the presence of B, colorless anthers with colorless glumes, sheaths, and brace roots. It is of interest to note that, if this series of supposed allelomorphs is an example of very close linkage, Webber was probably the first to report linkage in corn (Webber, H. J. - Rept. Amer. Breeders' Assoc. 2: 76-81, 1906).