Sando's work with plant color pigments

In a former paper Sando and Bartlett showed that the pigment in aa BB Pl Pl plants was a yellow flavonol glucoside, isoquercitrin. Sando, Milner and Sherman have a paper in press on the nature of the pigment in AA BB Pl Pl plants. This purple pigment proves to be the anthocyanin of isoquercitrin, chrysanthemin.

To quote Sando: "If it is assumed that the anthocyanin in purple-husked maize is formed directly from the flavonol glucoside the reduction representing the possible formation of chrysanthemin (as chloride) from isoquercitrin may be expressed briefly as follows:

isoquercitrin - C21 H20O12 Chrysanthemin Cl - C21 H20O11 H Cl."