The following changes and corrections should be noted :-

  1. The symbol dt was originally given to the character dotted leaf. No description of this character was ever published, it was never linked, and the stock has been lost. Therefore, the symbol Dt has been assigned to dotted aleurone (see news items from Ithaca).
  2. gl10 was erroneously reported in the news letter of last year as being linked with f1. The striped character proved to be v5 instead of f1 and the glossy is gl1 instead of a new gene. Nl2 was reported as showing linkage with a1. More extensive counts failed to substantiate this linkage.
  3. The names of A. E. Longley and C. E. Sando have been added to the mailing list. Both are with the U. S. Department of Agriculture at Washington, D. C.

We hope to issue another corn letter in the spring. This letter will include such news items as are sent in and a more complete list of genetic stocks.

Sincerely yours,
M. M. Rhoades