III. Seed Stocks Grown, 1936

Inbred strains. Selfed or sibbed ears of all the inbred strains in disease resistance test.

seg. cultures oflg1 gs2 b x lg1 gs2 b v4
"yt x a1 na ts4
"a1 Dt x a1 lg2 B Pl
"a2 x v2 pr1 bm1 A1C R
"R g1 nl1 x zb5

au1 au2 sh da au1 au2 sh
a1 na ts4 Dt g4 wx
Tp gl1 ra1 v5 a1 lg2 Dt
ar wx g2 A1B Pl
hf bm3
Kn gi
gl5 gl8
vx (Wiggans) fr1 fr2 gl1 ij
P ts2 br f1 bm3 yg2
lg1 gl2 b v4 lg1 gl2 B v4
A1Pl sm seg b j1 ms8 x j1 Ms8/ms8
gl4 x yg2 c sh wx r1 zb5

No germination:

d7 g1 x gl8

A1C r sh wx y1 pr1 Su/su1 x dx


Y4 Y4 it it

Too late:

yg3 seg. lg34a ms
va1 af34a (= aristifolia)
gl33a (= gl2) sn (= siamensis)
gl33b (amargo corn) 10 pkges. of seed from Australia

(Note: this seed from Australia is of various inbred strains, developed at Queensland Agricultural High School and College, which show seedling characters such as fine-stripe and virescent. These characters ought to be studied in a region with a longer growing season than at Ithaca. A small amount of this seed is available for distribution.)