V. List of Genes Not in Co-op

The genes that have been reported and are not in the Cooperative Collection are listed below. If you have any of these genes in your seed stocks, will you kindly send us a few seeds so that we may get stock for the Co-op? Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated all who are interested in having available in a central repository a complete set of maize genetic seed stocks.

a3 gl10 gme gm1
ad2 gm2 gm3 gm4
an2 Hs l1 l5
bl2 le lp mc
bn2 Md me mg
bt3 mi na2 o3
cb Og oy pb2
cr2 pb3 Pc1-4 pg3-10
d4 pi1 pi2 pm
d6 Pr2 ps Pu1
Da2 Pu2 ra2 re1-4
depl ro Rp rt
def S1-5 sa2 sc1
de1-16 sc2 sf so1
dl so2 su3 sy
dm th tw1-3 v10
du v11,13,15,16,19 va1 va2
f2 vp3 w4-10 wa
f3 ws3 xn1,2 Y2
fs yd yf yg1,3
gc Yp ys2 zb1-4
ge1-15 zg1,2