4. Zebra striped. Emerson et al list five cases of zebra striping that have been reported. There are two types, one that is expressed in the seedling stage and which may completely disappear in partly grown plants. The type reported here was obtained from an inbred line of Del Maiz sweet corn furnished by J. D. Barnard of the Minnesota Valley Canning Company. The season in 1936 was very hot and dry. Germination of sugary seeds was much lower than normal. Zebra striping could not be classified until late summer when the weather was cooler. Classification was difficult in some cultures. The results given in the summary indicate zb6 is located in group 4.

Genes Phase XY Xy xY xy Total % Recomb.
Zb6 Tu CS 410 64 64 90 628 23.3
Zb6 Gl3 RS 326 148 135 19 628 33.9
Tu Gl3 RS 314 160 147 7 628 20.5
Zb Su1 CS 4227 259 175 361 5022 13.3

The order of the genes appears to be Su1 - zb6 - Tu - gl3.

H. K. Hayes and M. S. Chang