3. Slit blade, sb, has shown various abnormalities. Sometimes F2 ratios are atypical in crosses involving sb. Last year an 8:1 ratio of sb was reported. This year one plant of 90 F2s was a dwarf, resembling mish. Various genes have appeared following sb crosses (see below); some of these, at least, seem to be new. In the progeny of an open pollinated mishsb plant there was one very abnormal plant. It was ms, striped, bm, with a silkless ear, possessing much enlarged glumes. Slit blade itself is variable, ranging from almost normal-appearing plants to small "deficiency-like" plants with narrow, thick leaves. Many sb plants are nearly or completely sterile. In the light of these divers abnormalities, it is suggested that sb is, or is closely accompanied by, some chromosomal abnormality.