1. Translocations involving the left end of chromosome 1.

Translocation Cytological
Linkage map
T1-2c S .7 T 1 sr ts2   P  
1-9c S .6 ts2 P 1   T  
1-2b S .4 ts2 P 4   T  
1-6c S .3 ts2 P 9   T  
1-3a S .25 ts2 P 21   T 39.1 br
1-9a S ts2 P 20   T 39 br
1-5b   ts2 P 24.4   T 32 br
1-50   ts2 P 23.6   T 25 br

T1-9a is known to be in the short arm from tests with homozygous T.

Location of br is probably about L .3.

The spindle attachment may be near the map position of as or between as and br.