5. Effect of female stock on the functioning of sp pollen. In 1938 pollen of sp su/ + + plants was put on two su inbreds Purdue 39 and Connecticut 91. The su seeds obtained (the crossover class with no sp survival) were 39 percent for P39 and 17% for C81. These figures are both too high for the crossover value (6%), and suggested the possibility that the two sweet inbreds had influenced differently the functioning of sp male gametes. Pollen examination of plants produced by these two pollinations verified this assumption. The su seeds from the P39 cross produced plants, 81% of which were segregating for sp. There was only 56% of segregating plants from the C81 cross. By correcting the original "crossover" percents for su and pp in order to eliminate survival in the pollen, the true crossover values of 5.1 and 7.4 are obtained. These are both close to the 6% value previously found. These results are soon to be published in the Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci.