3. I spent most of my time last summer recuperating my stocks, some of which had reached such an age that I had difficulty in getting them to germinate. However, we had an extremely favorable season and in most cases I was able to get material established. I used a few of the trisomic stocks from the Coop. last year. While I did not study them intensively, it did seem that certain of them needed further checking to be certain that they are still satisfactory for linkage work. One of the difficulties seems to be the presence of B types which was mentioned by Dr. Langham at the time he sent them to me. However, one or two of the other stocks also seemed to have some other difficulties. The stock of No. 5, for example, did not seem to behave as usual; in fact I was unable to recognize any trisomic plants in the field.

C. R. Burnham

Burnham is not alone in having trouble with the trisomics. It's a job for some cytogeneticist - which I am not. R.A.E.