1. Etched endosperm-virescent seedling. This character symbol et, arose as a mutant in an X-ray progeny, and the endosperm and seedling effects are very closely if not completely linked. The endosperm is similar to some of the scarred endosperms previously reported but is more distinctly marked and usually permits a good separation. The seeds are sometimes reduced in size but have good viability. The seedling type is an excellent one, both for sharpness of segregation and for viability. Data from a three-point test, as given below, indicate the order of genes to be lg2 a et, with et the outermost gene on the long arm of chromosome 3, about 12 units beyond a.

F1 genotype 0 1 2 1,2 Total
+   a et 126 135 60 55 20 25 3 3 427
lg2 +  + 261 115 45 6  
  26.9% 10.5% 1.4%