1. A sugary type of endosperm which was discovered at this Station several years ago appears to be identical with su2 as indicated by crosses. In inbred Os 426, one of our hybrid corn producers, Robert Bear, Decatur, Illinois, found an ear segregating for yellow vs. white endosperm, and normal vs. viviparous kernels. All the normal kernels were yellow and all the white viviparous. The gene for vivipary involved is likely vp5 which Doctor Lebedeff reported in the 1940 News Letter. Another of our hybrid corn producers, Royal Oakes, Bluffs, Illinois, discovered a dwarf in a double cross. This dwarf as grown in 1940 was 56 cm. high; tassel, large, spreading, and productive of pollen; and leaves large and dark green giving a vigorous appearance to the plant. Crosses indicate the gene involved is not d1. and the new dwarf does not answer the description of other dwarfs listed in Cornell Memoir 180.

C. M. Woodworth