V. Maize Publications

Since the preparation of the list of publications in News Letter 14, March 5, 1940, the following articles have appeared in print:

Anderson, E. G. and Brink, R. A. - Translocations in maize involving chromosome 3. Genetics 25: 299-309, 1940.

Andres, J. M. - Analisis genetico del color de endosperma en algunos maices comerciales Argentinos. Inst. Genet. Univ. Buenos Aires vol. 1: 25 p., 1939.

Avery, G. B., Jr., Creighton, H. B. and Shalucha, B. - Extraction methods in relation to hormone content of maize endosperms. Amer. Journ. Bot. 27: 289-300. 1940.

Beard, D. F. - Relative values of unrelated single crosses and an open-pollinated variety as testers of inbred lines of corn. Abstr. Ph.D. thesis, Ohio State Univ. 33: 9-18, 1940. (Includes discussion of susceptibility to Diplodia Zeae).

Bercaw, L. O., Hannay, A. M. and Larson, N. G. - Corn in the development of the civilization of the Americas. A selected and annotated bibliography. U.S.D.A. Agr. Econ. Bibl. 37: 195 p., 1940.

Bonnett, O. T. - Development of the staminate and pistillate inflorescences of sweet corn. Journ. Agr. Res. 60: 25-37, 1940.

Borgeson, C. and Hayes, H. K. - The Minnesota method of seed increase and seed registration for hybrid corn. Journ. Amer. Soc. Agron. 33: 70-74, 1941.

Buss, H. - Die Problemstellung in der deutschen MaiszŸchtung. Deut. Land. Presse. 67: 87, 1940.

Capinpin, J. M. and Rollan, A. O. - Hybrid vigor in the first generation crosses between strains of Cebu corn. Philipp. Agr. 28: 491-503, 1939.

Carnegie Institute Washington - Maize cultivation in northwestern Guatemala. (Compiled from data collected in the field by Raymond Stadelman). Carnegie Inst. Wash. Pub. 522: 83-263. 8 pl. map, 1940. Processed.

Clark, F. J., and Copeland, F. C. - Chromosome aberrations in the endosperm of maize. Amer. Journ. Bot. 27: 247-251, 1940.

Clark, F. J. - Cytogenetic studies of divergent meiotic spindle formation in Zea mays. Amer. Journ. Bot. 27: 547-559, 1940.

Dungan, G. H. - Influence of age on the value of seed corn. Trans. Illinois Acad. Sci. 12: 28-29, 1940.

Eckhardt, R. C., and Bryan, A. A. - Effect of the method of combining the four inbred lines of a double cross of maize upon the yield and variability of the resulting hybrid. Journ. Amer. Soc. Agron. 32: 347-353, 1940.

Eckhardt, R. C. and Bryan, A. A. - Effect of the method of combining two early and two late inbred lines of corn upon the yield and variability of the resulting double crosses. Journ. Amer. Soc. Agron. 32: 645-656, 1940.

Edwards, E. T. - The American hybrid maize programme. Journ. Austral. Inst. Agr. Sci. 6: 146-153, 1940.

Fujita, T. - †ber die Organstellungen bei Maiskolben, Japan. Journ. Bot. 10: 113-140, 1940.

Gaessler, W. G., Hixon, R. M. and Haber, E. S. - The quantity of pericarp in several hybrids and inbred strains of sweet corn. Iowa State Coll. Journ. Sci. 14: 379-383, 1940.

Gini, E. - Estudios sobre esterilidad en maices regionales de la Argentina. Anales Inst. Fitotecn. Santa Catalina (La Plata, Arg.). 1: 135-158, 1940. (Eng. Sum.)

Graner, E. do A. - Variacoes do valor de "linkage". Revista Agr. (Piracicaba) 15: 168-175, 1940. (Eng. Sum.)

Haber, E. S. - Sweet corn hybrids. Iowa Agr. Exp. Stat. Bull. N.S. Pl5: 437-468, 1940.

Heyne, E. G. and Brunson, A. M. - Genetic studies of heat and drought tolerance in maize. Journ. Amer. Soc. Agron. 32: 803-814, 1940.

Hirschhorn, E. and Hirschhorn, J. - Accion del pH sobte los caracteres culturales del carbon del maiz. Ustilago Zeae (Beck) Ung. Physis (Buenos Aires) 18: 223-251, 1939.

Hoerner, I. R., and Snelling, R. O. - Effect of pollination upon chemical composition of silks of certain inbred lines of maize. Journ. Amer. Soc. Agron. 32: 213-215, 1940.

Huelson, W. A. - Sweet-corn hybrids for canning and market. Illinois A.E.S. Circ. 504. 20 p. 1940.

Huelson, W. A. - Sweet-corn inbreds and crosses. Illinois Agr. Exp. Stat. Bull. 466: 279-355, 194O.

Janetzki, C. - Probleme der MaiszŸchtung. Mitt. Landw. 55: 768-770, 1940.

Jenkins, M. T, and others - Report of the third Corn Improvement Conference held at the University of Missouri Columbia, Missouri, November 27 and 28, 1939. 21 p. Washington, D. C. 1940. Mimeographed.

Johnson, I. J., and Hayes, H. K. - The value of hybrid combinations of inbred lines of corn selected from single crosses by the pedigree method of breeding. Journ. Amer. Soc. Agron. 32: 479-485, 1940.

Jones, D. F. - Nuclear control of cell activity. Science 86: 400-401, 1938.

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Lee, F. A., and Sayre, C. B. - Maturity studies on new sweet corn hybrids. Proc. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 37 (1939): 759-762, 1940.

Lincoln, R. E. - Bacterial wilt resistance and genetic host-parasite interactions in maize. Journ. Agr. Res. 60: 217-239, 1940.

McClintock, Barbara - The stability of broken ends of chromosomes in Zea mays. Genetics 26: 234-282. 1941.

Marino, A. E. - Una variacion tardia en maiz, Reprinted from Revista Argentina Agron. 6: 237-240, 1939 as Publ. Techn. Inst. Exp. Invest. y Fomento Agr. Ganad. No. 15, 1939.

Mario, A. E. - Herencia del color de aleurona en el maiz "piamontes". Physis (Buenos Aires) 18: 47-67, 1939.

Millang, A., and Sprague, G. F. - The use of punched card equipment in predicting the performance of corn double crosses. Journ. Amer. Soc. Agron. 32: 815-816, 1940.

Miller, E. S., and Johnson, I. J. - Inheritance of chlorophyll in F1 crosses made reciprocally between selfed lines of corn. Proc. Soc. Exp. Biol. and Med. 44: 26-28, 1940.

Murdoch, H. A. - Hybrid vigor in maize embryos. Journ. Hered. 31: 361-363, 1940.

Randolph, L. F. and Hand, D. B. - Relation between carotenoid content and number of genes per cell in diploid and tetraploid corn. Journ. Agr. Res. 60: 51-64, 1940.

Rattray, A. - Field selection of seed maize. Rhodesia Agr. Journ. 37: 259-263, 1940.

Reeves, R. G., and Stansel, R. H. Uncontrolled vegetative development in maize and teosinte. Amer. Journ. Bot. 27: 27-30, 1940.

Rhoades, M. M. - Studies of a telocentric chromosome in maize with reference to the stability of its centromere. Genetics 25: 483-520, 1940.

Robbins, W. J. - Growth substances in a hybrid corn and its parents. Bull. Torrey Club 67: 565-574, 1940.

Sanguineti, M. E. - Estudio del caracter "siamensis" en maiz (Zea mays L.) Anales Fitotecn. (Argentina) 1: 17-134, 1940. (Eng. Sum.)

Sandome, T. K. - Breeding diploidia resistant varieties of maize. Rhodesia Agr. Journ. 37: 442-444, 1940.

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Sharman, B. C. - Stamen lodicules in maize. Nature 144: 1093. 1939.

Singleton, W. R. - Influence of female stock on the functioning of small pollen male gametes. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 26: 102-104, 1940.

Singleton, W. R., & Mangelsdorf, P. C. - Gametic lethals on the fourth chromosome of maize. Genetics 25: 366-390, 1940.

Snelling, R. O., Blanchard, R. A., and Bigger, J. H. - Resistance of corn strains to the leaf aphid. Aphis maidis Fitch. Journ. Amer. Soc. Agron. 32: 371-381, 1940.

Stringfield, G. H. - Evaluating new corn hybrids. Grain and Feed Journ. 85: 347, 1940.

Southern Corn Improvement Conference - Report of the first (organization) meeting - November 24, 1939. 37 p. 1940.

Anon. - Corn comes of age. (A readable story about hybrid corn - its past, its present and a look into its future). Fert. Rev 15: 8-9, 11, 194O. (Based on interview with Jenkins).


Papers in Press

Longley, A. E. - Knob positions on teosinte chromosomes. Journ. Agr. Res.

_____________. Chromosome morphology in maize and its relatives. (A review). Submitted to Botanical Review, but not yet accepted.

Saboe, L. C. and Hayes, H. K. - Genetic studies of smut reactions in maize by means of chromosomal translocations - Submitted to Journ. Amer. Soc. Agron.