4. Location of dwarf-7. Singh reported that d7 belonged in the tenth linkage group approximately 27 units to the right of R. Singh's placement of d7 rested upon the linkage of d7 with aleurone color in F2 populations segregating for both C and R, and upon an F2 population of 109 individuals segregating for d7 and golden-1 where he found 35 percent recombination between d7 and g. Singh's placing of d7 in chromosome 10 rests entirely upon the loose and dubious linkage of d7 with g. The writer has been unable to find linkage of d7 with genes in chromosome 10. F2 data from cultures segregating for d7 and shrunken show 24 percent recombination. Apparently d7 belongs in chromosome 9 and since d3 shows 25 percent recombination with sh it is not unlikely that d7 and d3 are identical. At any rate it is clear that the d7 locus should be dropped from the map of the tenth linkage group.