2. Glume bar and its inheritance. - Many central American and southwestern varieties of maize are characterized by a bar or spot of intense color at the base of the glume in the tassel. It is rather rare in modern dent corn; of eighty inbreds examined at Beltsville, 69 were without any indication of it and in only four was it strongly developed. In certain lines and under certain conditions it segregates sharply. It is apparently independent of both the B and R series though its expression is affected by them. It is easiest to score when the tassel has just emerged. I have used the following grades in scoring it:

readily apparent without handling the tassel........... ++
readily apparent only upon handling the tassel.......... +
of slight and variable expression ......................
altogether lacking...................................... 0

The only data I have on its inheritance are derived from a series of inbreds from one strain of Papago Flour corn. In two cases the same lot of seed was grown in different places and different years. One second generation inbred was scored as all ++ at Cold Spring Harbor, L.I.; in 1941 and likewise at Boyce, Virginia in 1942. On the other hand the first generation inbred P-8 segregated sharply in Missouri in 1940, 10 ++ to 26 0. At Cold Spring Harbor in 1941 the second planting gave a higher percentage of plants with glume bar but in many of these it was not strongly marked (43,+; 5,; and 17, 0). In three of the inbreds glume bar segregated independently from the B and R loci. (Since the B and R allelomorphs in this material are apparently different from those in most genetic stocks, no attempt has been made to define them precisely).

P-2. leaf sheath slightly sun red, anthers pink, glume bar +. First selfing, 29 plants all sun red but in varying degree, anther color and glume bar segregating as follows: pink anthers,+, 11; pink anthers, 0, 11; green anthers,+, 4; green anthers 0, 1.

P-6. leaf sheath green, bright pink anthers, glume bar ++. First selfing, 27 plants segregating sharply for glume bar and plant color as follows: red sheath, ++5; green sheath, ++, 13; red sheath, 0, 3; green sheath, 0, 6.

P-8. parental type unscored. First selfing, 66 plants all strongly sun red, silks green, segregating for glume bar and anther color, red anthers,+, 37; green anther,+, 15; red anthers, 0. 7; green anthers, 0, 7.