5. Yellow Aleurone

In the crosses with deep orange endosperm of Brazilian strains and white ones, segregation of a yellow-aleurone gene was found. The interaction of this gene is very variable and in some back-grounds difficult to classify. Also, the dosage in the endosperm makes the problem difficult since it was found that "simple" is not different from "nuliplex" white seeds when the yellow-aleurone strain is used as male parent. Until now it is possible to say that this gene did not show linkage with chromosome 2, 3, 5 and 6. Thus, it is not the Bn2 reported by Dr. G. F. Sprague (1934). It has now been crossed with the Bn1 in chromosome 7 and with testers for the remaining chromosomes. The gene gives, in some cases with the yellow-orange endosperm, a segregation of 12 orange : 3 yellow-aleurone : 1 white or 15 colored : 1 colorless.

E. A. Graner