6. A light yellow factor or yellow reducer has been found in a stock of white sweet corn, Early Pearl. In changing Early Pearl from white to yellow this character was observed. Such yellow reducers are common in certain of the late white varieties of field corn grown in the south but are not frequently encountered in sweet corn. The ones we have always observed it in are Early Pearl, Sugarsweet or Cupid, and Hayes White. These varieties are similar and probably have a common origin. The new light yellow is dominant over the intermediate or darker yellow and in the F2 gives a good ratio in most sweet corn crosses of 3 light yellow: 1 darker yellow. When backcrossed to the regular yellow a good 1:1 ratio of light: dark is obtained. If backcrossed to light yellow the kernels are all light. The light yellow condition is homozygous in one of our commercial inbreds C35, derived from the Yellow Pearl. At the eating stage of ears heterozygous for light yellow no segregation for the light yellow factor can be detected, the color being a good medium yellow. Apparently the color is reduced during the drying process.