6. Red glume collar. Certain inbred lines and genetic stocks show a band of red color near the base of the glumes of the tassel. Most stocks are green at this point. The color may show only when the tassel is fully out of the boot, but it may show earlier. A few segregating progenies indicate that in these cases the rod differs from green by a single dominant factor. A backcross test involving this character and also Y and Pl indicates that red glume collar is closely linked with Pl (6.6% recombination), but the data did not indicate the probable order.

Another red glume collar character is found in B pl stocks, but in cultures segregating B-b, the collar color has always been associated with B.

C. Lazaro and C. R. Burnham

Young tassels of both types b pl red collar and B pl red collar were wrapped up in black paper to exclude the light. In the first type (linked with Pl), the collar color developed in all cases in the absence of light. When the second type (associated with P) was bagged, the sun red color on the glumes did not develop, but the collar was colored, although not as intensely as that in the type linked with Pl. It appears, therefore, that the collar color is not a sun red color even in the type which is associated with B.

C. Lazaro