Unfortunately, I have been unable to make any worth while contribution to the News Letter. For the past few years my genetic research has been largely restricted to an attempt to keep some of my stocks from extinction in hope of better times to come.

I have, however, made fairly satisfactory progress with the sweet corn breeding. In a randomized block test that I ran last summer one of my hybrids out-yielded Golden Cross Bantam by about 85% (dry weight of shelled grain) and yielded about 90% as much as Trucker's Favorite. This Hybrid is perhaps 10-14 days earlier than T. F. and might average a little, perhaps a day, later than G.C.B. In quality, it is about the scale as G.C.B In what amount to "blind-fold" tests since the culture numbers meant nothing to the tasters, this hybrid got 15 votes and G.C.B. got 13 in direct comparison, a pretty good 1:1. Ears are slightly bigger but not quite so smooth as those of G.C.B.

In a smaller yield test planted about six weeks later, (hotter, drier weather and shorter days) this hybrid showed up much better in comparison with G.C.B.

Ioana and G.C.B. are the two sweet corns recommended for this area. Ioana was a little better than G.C.B. in the early tests but not nearly so good in the later test.

H. S. Perry