4. Miscellaneous. The character brown midrib-3, bm3, is closely linked with sugary-1. F2 repulsion data were: 111 Su Bm, 63 Su bm, 57 su Bm.

Vivipary-5 (vp5), reported by Lebedeff (coop. letter of March 5, 1940, page 14) as closely linked with yellow (probably Y) is not linked with the Y1 in chromosome 6; since vp5 and ms1 segregate independently. On ears segregating 9 yellow : 7 white or pale yellow, vp5 showed about 1% of recombination with yellow.

Another vivipary from C.M. Woodworth which has not been tested against vp5 shows close linkage with yellow on ears segregating 3 yellow : 1 white.

Before the ears had dried in the field, viviparous seedlings from both sources were transferred to soil in the greenhouse. In all cases they proved to be albinos. Although many of these had shown some pale green color underneath the husks, this color soon disappeared.

Piebald-5 (pb5) was reported by Lebedeff in the same news letter to be linked with Y and Pl. This is confirmed by a test which shows close linkage with ms1, and also by the independent segregation of pb5 and vp5.

I have been unable to identify the zg3 character obtained originally as Co 306-1 ⊗ - A B pl Y zg3.