1. Pod Corn. We now have fertile, true-breeding inbred lines of pod corn. These were obtained by selecting for minus modifiers of the tunicate condition. In these stocks the glumes show about the same development in the homozygous condition as is usually found in other stocks in the heterozygous condition. Seed of these inbred tunicate lines is now available in considerable quantity.

Varieties and inbred strains of maize differ greatly in their modifier complexes with respect to the tunicate character. When varieties and inbreds are crossed to the same stock of tunicate there is in the F1 considerable variation in the development of the glumes. Paraguayan and Bolivian varieties have strong minus modifier complexes. Guatemalan varieties have plus modifiers or at least are lacking in minus modifiers. North American inbred strains cover the entire range. Iowa 701 has a strong plus modifier complex while Minn. A158 is so strongly minus that in some crosses with pod corn the tunicate ears are scarcely distinguishable from non-tunicate.