7. The location of the Y5 gene is being tried and the cross involving a tester of Dr. Randolph's covering most of the chromosomes gave the following results in two ears obtained from the same plant:

Ratio 36 9 19
Pedigree NO. Orange
(Y1- Y3-)
(Y1- y3y3Y5-)
White +
Lemon yellow
  + su1 + su1 + su1
179A-1 231 78 69 15 109 48
179A-2 122 28 34 13 37 16
TOTAL 343 106 103 28 146 64

The segregation for su1 is normal. The yellow seeds not su1, where the classification was good, were sowed giving most of them al plants. Few plants not al came from Bn seeds since this gene was present in Dr. Randolph's stock. Segregation for bm and cr1 was normal and only one plant seemed to be g1 and none Rg. Proper tests for chromosome 10 are being prepared but we don't know if plant character markers combined with al will be easy to classify.