Homozygous stocks of HtN available

FFR Cooperative released a source of resistance to northern corn leaf blight called HtN in 1975; the released stocks were segregating for both Ht and Ht2 genes. We now have available for distribution two lines, W22HtN and K64HtN, which are homozygous for the gene.

Ht2 is a single dominant gene which gives excellent resistance to Helminthosporium turcicum. This source of resistance was originally discovered by S. W. Nelson of Rhodesia and H. O. Gevers of South Africa and was brought to the U.S. through efforts of M. T. Jenkins and A. J. Ullstrup. Send seed requests to A. J. Ullstrup, FFR Cooperative, 4112 East State Road 225, West Lafayette, Indiana 47906.

David Alvey

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