Found on a tattered shred of wet-strength kraft paper:

"If phytochrome varies among strains, TB's and marker stocks should show electroph. . . . ."

A set of all available copies of the News Letter will be awarded to the first person who finds the rest of this manuscript, with data.

Over 680 copies of this volume will be sent to research workers, laboratories and libraries around the world. During the past year we have checked the mailing list by inquiring of some addressees whether they wished to continue to receive it; a few asked to be dropped . . . a number of new addressees have been added.

Please note the appeal on the opposite page.

Converged strains of a few laboratories are listed in Section III, in response to a request for listings by cooperators. The availability of such strains and multiple genetic combinations is increasingly important to research; we hope to enhance contacts among potential collaborators by expanding this list in the future as cooperators make known specialized strains in their laboratories.

The costs of preparation, reproduction and mailing of this News Letter are borne by a grant from the National Science Foundation. We are grateful for this indispensable support.

A microfilm of volumes 1-29 and 33 is available for $9.50 U.S.; checks should be-made payable to E. H. Coe, Jr.

Airmail service to addresses outside the U.S. is expensive; we will send the next issue to you by air if we receive $3.00 from you by January 1, 1978.

Deadline for the next issue is January 1, 1978; please see the back cover. Corrigenda for the 1961 symbol index are wanted.

Errata are listed on the last page.

I wish to thank M. G. Neuffer for help in planning and developing this volume; Karen A. Sheridan for exacting attention to editing, composing and proofing; Sheila McCormick and Marion D. Murray for help with literature; and Mary Nelson for thorough and precise work in producing the final copy.

E. H. Coe, Jr.

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