Cooperators have offered the following information regarding converged strains and multiple combinations:
Genetic materials Background Cooperator
TB's 4a, 7a, 9a, 9b, 10a W22, M14, N25, Oh43 D. S. Robertson
White endosperm albinos M14, W22 D. S. Robertson
Selected wx marked T9's W22, M14, N25, Oh43 D. S. Robertson
Miscellaneous plant & endosperm factors B8, NY511, NY821, Oh51A, Pa55 C. 0. Grogan
Anthocyanin factors K55, W23 E. H. Coe
Anthocyanin combinations K55, W23 (A C R) E. H. Coe
Dwarfs K55, W23 E. H. Coe
9S markers K55, W23 E. H. Coe
2S markers K55 (A C r-g Pl) E. H. Coe



During 1976 the Maize Genetic Cooperation received 137 requests for maize genetic stocks. There were 100 (80%) domestic and 27 (20%) foreign requests. The number of seed requests in 1976 decreased 13% compared to 1975. Requests from geneticists were 46%, physiologists 19%, plant breeders 26% and educational 9% of the total requests received.

Certain chromosome tester stocks of chromosomes 4 and 5 were increased to supply future seed requests. In addition, the waxy alleles received from Dr. O. E. Nelson, Jr. were increased. Reciprocal translocation stocks of low viability were increased and attempts made to select cultures homozygous for the translocation where needed. Also, certain seedling lethals and all andromonoecious dwarfs were increased. Allele tests were made on a large amount of material to confirm what allele is present in the stock.

A list of reciprocal translocation stocks available from the Co-op is published in the Co-op News Letter report, Volume 43, 1969, or is available upon request.

Requests for seed or correspondence relative to the Stock Center should be addressed to:

Dr. R. J. Lambert
S-116 Turner Hall
Department of Agronomy
University of Illinois
Urbana, Illinois 61801

Please Note: Notes submitted to the Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter may be cited only with consent of the authors.

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