Mapping of glucosidase on chromosome 10

Data from the crosses with rust resistance factors suggest that glu is located on chromosome 10 about 33 recombination units from Rp. The chromosomal location was confirmed using the waxy marked translocation stocks:


Linkage of wx with glu was observed only with the wxT9-10b stock. Cx, the locus specifying catechol oxidase isozymes, is located at about position 33 on chromosome 10 and thus should show tight linkage to glu. Preliminary results indicate 5.8% recombination between these loci:


This is almost certainly an overestimate because the data presented involved segregation of the Cx-N allele and absence of the catechol oxidase isozyme would be misclassified as a recombinant. Further crosses using the Cx-S (slow isozyme) allele and dull endosperm as well as glu will help order these loci in the region 33 of chromosome 10.

A. J. Pryor

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