Multiple male single cross

We have made up seed of appropriate crosses to test the advantages (if any) and disadvantages of the use of so-called multiple male ("multi-male") single cross and three-way hybrids. The combination of high yield and broader adaptability is sought in this approach to hybridization.

The following diagrammatic outline will clarify the approach taken:
Female parents Male parents
Inbred A in normal and cytosterile (cms) versions. Mix of six inbreds, B through G, which combine favorably with inbred A. These inbreds must have nearly identical maturity, but their hybrids may vary for cytosterile restoration and general adaptability (e.g. disease and pest resistance - environmental stress response).

Specific example of multi-male single cross hybrid:
Female parents Male parents
W182 BN CO150 (Rf)
W182 BN PR-cms Ny16 (Rf)
  CO192 (Rf)
  C153 (Partial Rf)
  AyX157 (rf)
  IoB8 (rf)

A multi-male 3-way hybrid has been made up for evaluation in similar fashion.

E. William Stockmeyer, Herbert L. Everett and Dean Rhue

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