Activator cytoplasm of the C*-IE7002 gene

The interaction between C*-IE7002 gene, activator genes Ac* li* (MNL 4 9:66-70) and "prepotent" Euchlaena mexicana cytoplasm produced strong mosaicism in ears for purple and colorless aleurone with abnormal endosperm development. The genotypes of Zea used are: (1) multiple dominant tester (C*-IE7002) A C R Pr B Pl P, perhaps from Randolph No. 1877 (1933); (2) Tester chromosome 7 gl ij; (3) (c-tester) A B pl sh wx Ac* li*.

All testers are selfed more than 40 generations with occasional sibs and with BC14 to Euchlaena cytoplasm.

The original multiple dominant tester carries C*-IE7002 gene. The original c-tester carries activator Ac* li* genes for C*-IE7002 gene. In the present communication it was established that "prepotent" cytoplasm of Euchlaena mexicana is an activator for C*-IE7002 "jumping" gene.

Cytological analysis established: (1) normal meiosis (C.M.P.); (2) chromosome B is absent; (3) frequently nucleolar body of 1.5 to 4.5 and rarely we see pufflike in short arm of chromosome 9.

Luis B. Mazoti

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