Perennial character segregating in F2 of Euchlaena-perennis Hitchc. X Zea mays L. hybrid

In MNL 45:68 was communicated the obtaining of E. perennis X Zea mays hybrid, F1 and F2 study and forage potential of the sixth generation. A more detailed study of perennialism in F2 shows that after four years of selection only 2.2% (11 plants) of the F2 are similar to F1 in perennialism. These F2 plants during eight months of their vegetative cycle have produced between 20 to 120 tillers per plant and the fertility varied between 2% to 80%. Also, one progeny in the 13th generation of annual cycle has tillers (x = 11 per plant) and regular meiosis which gives fertility (x = 85%).

Pedro Rimieri

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