Placement of genes in 5L using T5-9a data

T5-9a 5L.86-9S.4 is from a line of sweet corn breeding material, known to be segregating for partial sterility given to me by W. R. Singleton. Extensive cytological observations at pachytene and linkage tests using homozygotes and heterozygotes serve to place certain genes in chromosome 5 relative to the break point and the subterminal knob. The pachytene measurements place the subterminal knob at 5L.67 and the breakpoints at 5L.86 and 9S.4. Using T5-9a as the female parent for 4-point backcross data (425 plants) the recombination values are: bm-26.3-pr-21.6-T-6.1-v2; and bm-23.8-pr-13.2-ys-14.3-T. In plants homozygous for T5-9a, the recombination values were:. sh-19.3-wx-21.6-pr (301 plants). Also in the homozygote, v2 was no longer linked with pr. Hence v2 is in the distal .14 of 5L.

Charles R. Burnham

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