Position of rgd, po, and hcf*-26 with respect to TB-6Sa

In field tests in 1977, po +/+ rgd x heterozygous TB-6Sa segregated a rather low frequency of male-sterile plants (i.e., polymitotic hypoploids). Several other plants were hypoploids with 50% pollen abortion. Two of these, when self-pollinated, gave progenies segregating a total of 3 normal and 31 ragged seedlings in sandbench tests. Therefore, po is uncovered by TB-6Sa and rgd is proximal, confirming previous reports (Phillips, Patterson and Buescher, MNL 51:49-52; Palmer and Dempsey, MNL 42:76-77).

Crosses involving +/hcf*-26 x TB-6Sa uncovered, at a somewhat low rate, yellow-green seedlings with high chlorophyll fluorescence under long wave ultraviolet light, thus confirming that hcf*-26 is on the short arm of chromosome 6 beyond the breakpoint of TB-6Sa, as reported last year (Leto and Miles, MNL 51: 57-59).

J. B. Beckett and K. Leto

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