Procedure for identification of publicly released sweet corn inbreds

Sweet corn inbreds released by breeders in the public sector will be designated by the two-letter postal abbreviation for the state in which the release is made followed by a number. Sweet corn inbreds released prior to Jan. 1, 1977 will retain their previous identification; however, the two-letter prefix may be added to sweet corn inbreds released before Jan. 1, 1977 that lacked prefix letters. To illustrate, sweet corn inbreds released by Illinois and Iowa, respectively, would be designated IL677 and IA5125.

This procedure was approved by the technical committee of USDA Regional Research Project NE-66. Members of the technical committee include a majority of sweet corn breeders in the United States. This procedure was adopted to prevent use of the same prefix by more than one state as has occurred in the past and to eliminate uncertainty concerning the state of origin that has occurred when sweet corn inbreds have been released with only numerical identification.

Douglas L. Garwood

(Chairman, NE-66 Technical Committee)

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