Multiple gene combinations - flavonoid factors

We are attempting to derive stocks in which all the genetic factors involved in flavonoid synthesis and distribution are of known origin. We are concentrating in particular on 14 loci:

A, A2, A3, B, Bz, Bz2, C, C2, In, P, Pl, Pr, R, and Sm,

and on variants at these loci that are distinguishable by some visual or chemical means. We are interested in determining the extent to which variants of one locus can affect the expression of other loci, and we hope also to find other, as yet unrecognized, genetic factors involved in flavonoid synthesis. The number of different stocks that we could theoretically derive is astronomical, thus it may take a while to get all the combinations that we would like to have. By next year we hope to have a list of those combinations already made, for those who may like to have some seed. They will not necessarily be in any particular inbred background, however.

E. Derek Styles

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