Rapid measurement of mature maize pericarp

Pericarp thickness mean values from 6 measurements, and pericarp thickness mean value from 2 measurements (at the middle of germinal, and the middle of abgerminal side of the maize kernel) in 164 single crosses and in 79 parental inbred lines were compared.

Very high significant positive correlation was found between the two mean values in inbreds (r = 0.988***) and in single crosses (r = 0.935***) (Figures 1 and 2).

Figure 1.

Figure 2.

While the 6 measurements give exact information on pericarp thickness at the tip, middle and top parts of the kernel for detailed morphological studies of maize inbreds and hybrids, the two less time-consuming measurements give satisfactory data for pericarp thickness on germinal and abgerminal sides of kernel in comparative inbred and hybrid studies.

Trifon M. Georgiev

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