During 1977 the Maize Genetics Cooperation received 143 requests for maize genetic stocks. There were 107 (75%) domestic and 36 (25%) foreign requests. Requests from geneticists constituted 56%, plant breeders 15%, plant physiologists 16%, and educational 13%. A total of 1407 seed packets were sent to fill these requests, 64% for domestic and 36% for foreign use. The distribution of seed packets by use was geneticists 74%, plant breeders 7%, plant physiologists 9%, and educational 10%.

Each year stocks are sent in by maize geneticists to become a part of the collection. The following have been received during the past several years and are on the stock list or will be placed there when adequate seed is available.
Trait Symbol Contributor
Alcohol dehydrogenase Adh-1S; Adh1-P M. Freeling
  Adh-1F825; Adh2-Gamma  
Disease lesion mimic-1 Les M. G. Neuffer
Disease lesion mimic-2 Les2 " "
Expanded glume eg C. R. Burnham
Golden plant-5 g5 J. B. Beckett
Grassy tiller gt D. Shaver
Floury-3 fl3 0. E. Nelson, Jr.
Indeterminant gametophyte ig J. L. Kermicle
Lethal leaf spot Lls F. Troyer
Lethal ovule lo2 0. E. Nelson, Jr.
Opaque-5 o5 D. Robertson
Opaque-7 o7 K. McWhirter
Oil yellow (dominant allele) Oy-yg M. G. Neuffer
Helminthosporium maydis resistant rhm D. Smith
Multiple marker stock bz2 a c2 a2pr y c bz wx r E. H. Coe, Jr.
Corn-Tripsacum translocation 22T+++ / ws3 lg1 gl2 M. Maguire
Endosperm mutants converted to W23 and W64a   D. Garwood
Alleles at the waxy locus   0. E. Nelson, Jr.
B-A translocations   J. B. Beckett
Trisomics 1, 2, 4, 6, 7   G. Doyle
Tetraploid stocks   D. Shaver
Chromosome Aberrations - Supplied by D. B. Walden; originally from R. Morris:
1-7-3691-1 (1L.06;7L.81) 5-7-3703 (5S.67;7L.81)
2-7-3692-1 (2S.10;7L.02) 5-10-3693 (5L.67;10L.51)
3-8-3687 (3L.25;8L.88) 6-9-3698 (6L.11;9L.28) 
4-7-3686 (4S.81;7S.06) 8-10-3697 (8L.10;10L.18)
5-7-3699 (5S.46;7L.07) 9-10-3688 (9S.49;10L.02)

A list of reciprocal translocation stocks available from the Maize Cooperation is in News Letter 43, 1969, or is available upon request.

Requests for stocks and correspondence relative to the stock center should be addressed to:

Dr. R. J. Lambert
S-116 Turner Hall
Department of Agronomy
University of Illinois
Urbana, Illinois 61801

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