The cytoplasm and nutrient absorption

While working with maize seedlings grown in a modified Hoagland's solution for 20 days, we found significant cytoplasmic differences in the absorption of N03-, NH4+, K, and dry-weight production during the 0-10 and 11-20 day growing periods. Significant differences in the absorption of P and Mg were observed only during the 0-10 day period.

No significant cytoplasmic effects were observed in the absorption of either Ca or micronutrients Fe, Zn, and Mn. Plants with GA 199 cytoplasm had 13% more root dry-weight and 18% more shoot dry-weight than plants with GT 112 cytoplasm. These results show that the cytoplasm can influence a plant's nutrition.

W. S. McElhannon and A. A. Fleming

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