Controlling weeds in maize nursery plots

Before 1978 we had to do a great amount of work in controlling annual weeds in our maize nurseries. Among the weeds at harvest would be sicklepod (Cassia obtusifolia), morning glory (Ipomoea purpurea), crabgrass (Digitaria sanguinalis L.), and fall panicum (Panicum dichotomiflorum) although the preemerge herbicides, AAtrex and Princep, were applied. Good weed control usually would occur until the soil was cultivated at time of applying ammonium nitrate as a sidedressing. After the cultivation a new crop of weeds would develop.

In 1978 we obtained excellent weed control by splitting the recommended rate per ha of AAtrex and Princep into two applications (one-half the recommended rate per application). The first application was made at preemergence or soon thereafter. The second application was made immediately after the sidedressing cultivation.

A. A. Fleming

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