Probable presynaptic alignment of homologues

When microsporocytes at synizesis in conventional acetocarmine squash preparations are observed with the high resolution light microscope optics available with the Zeiss 1.4 N.A. 63 x oil immersion bright field objective, it is possible to trace individual homologues and paired homologues with substantially greater clarity than is possible with the 1.3 N.A. bright field planapochromat. With the superior optical system, a sub-stage of synizesis is often seen at which homologues appear to be parallel throughout all or much of their length, but separated from each other at an apparently uniform distance which is obviously greater than the final synaptic distance. It seems reasonable to suggest that precursors for the synaptonemal complex central element may mediate parallel alignment which precedes true synapsis.

Marjorie Maguire

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