Proposed revisions in nomenclature for the maize MDH loci

In the above articles, we have presented our data in terms of previously published MDH isozyme and gene designations. However, since our evidence supports the idea that there are at least three mitochondrial and two soluble Mdh loci, we propose that the locus symbols now be revised to be consistent with the current conventions of maize genetics (MNL 49:3-4).

Listed below is our proposed nomenclature juxtaposed with the corresponding designations used by other investigators. We have attempted to make this transition as easy as possible by merely changing the alphabetical designations of Goodman et al. to numerical ones. Since the MDH system involves so many loci contributing differentially to the isozyme pattern, we feel that it is important to always include the number 1 in the Mdh1 symbol. One could incorporate the laboratory symbols in the allele designations, e.g. Mdh3-C18. Additional loci, as discovered (whether soluble, mitochondrial or glyoxysomal) would simply be assigned the next number. Finally, the modifier locus has been named the "modifier of mitochondrial MDH" and given the symbol, mmm.
Proposed Conventional Symbols Goodman et al. Laboratory Designations Yang et al. Nomenclature
Mdh1 MdhA mdh4
Mdh2 (on chr. 6) MdhB mdh2
Mdh3 (on chr. 3) MdhC -----
Mdh4 (sMDH) MdhD -----
Mdh5 (sMDH) MdhE -----

Kathleen J. Newton

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