Studies on multi-male hybrids

Replicated field tests of single cross and three-way multi-male hybrids and appropriate checks have been harvested. Inbreds CO150, Ayx157, B8, C0192, C153, and NY16 were utilized as males and W182BN, W182BN-PR, W182BN x W117, W182BN-PR x W117 as females in the early maturity group. In the later maturity group, inbreds W64A, Ayx157, NY821LERf, Oh43, NYD410, and Ay490-2A were entered as males and A632, A632-PR, A632 x Oh51A, A632-PR x Oh51A served as females. Additional replicated tests at several locations will be planted in 1979. Data for several years will be used to determine the advantages, if any, of using a multi-male pollen approach to hybrid corn production.

Herbert L. Everett and E. William Stockmeyer

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