Perennial teosinte: replanting in Jalisco, Mexico

In the summer of 1974 a plant of Zea perennis was placed in the yard of a house near Ciudad Guzmàn, Jalisco, Mexico. It had been grown in the greenhouse at CIMMYT from a rooted stem cutting brought from Raleigh, North Carolina. The parent plant has the label number 67-281 and has been maintained by David H. Timothy for many years. It came from material vegetatively reproduced by R. A. Emerson and had been collected by G. N. Collins and J. H. Kempton at the type locality. I took the cutting to CIMMYT to extend their germplasm collection; it grew well and produced seed. One of the several clones cut off it was carried to Jalisco by Ing. Gil Olmos B. who planted it in the near vicinity of a house of a friend. I am obtaining the name and address of that friend from Ing. Olmos for a later note.

Robert McK. Bird

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