More precise linkage data on fl3

It was reported in the 1976 MNL (50) that fl3 was located on chromosome 8 and that the gene order was fl3 v16 ms8 j. From F2 data, the recombination percentages were estimated as fl3 v16 14 percent and fl3 ms8 28 percent.

Backcross data are available from the 1976 growing season. The backcross was + v16 ms8 j/+ v16 ms8 j x + v16 ms8 j/fl3 + + +. The plants were scored for plant characters at appropriate times during the growing season and for fl3 at maturity. The data are given below disregarding v16 which was difficult to score in 1976.

These backcross data give a considerably higher estimate of recombination between fl3 and ms8 (39 percent) than did the F2 data of 1975.


Oliver Nelson

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