Catalase gene mapping on the maize genome

Maize catalase is coded by three independent genetic loci, Cat1 and Cat2 (Scandalios, J. Hered. 65:28-32, 1974), and Cat3 (Roupakias and Scandalios, unpublished). Artificial crosses of eighteen A-B translocation strains (as males) to W59, Oh51A and W10 inbred strains (as females) and screening, with starch gel electrophoresis, of the F1 progenies for Cat1, Cat2 and Cat3 showed that Cat1 is located on the short arm of chromosome 5 and approximately 10 map units away from the marker gene for brittle endosperm. Preliminary data indicate that Cat2 is located on the long arm of chromosome 10 and Cat3 on the short arm of chromosome 10. Furthermore, trisomic analysis also indicates that Cat2 and Cat3 are both located on chromosome 10 and approximately 40 map units apart from each other. Further investigation is underway for a conclusive location of these two genes on the maize genome.

D. G. Roupakias, D. E. McMillin and J. G. Scandalios

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