The absence of fatty aldehydes in gl1 gl2 waxes

The modifications of chemical composition of surface waxes induced by the recessive alleles of nine independent loci have been recently summarized (Bianchi et al., Heredity, in press). As a general rule, in the mutations studied the reduction of the quantity of wax synthesized was accompanied by an enhancement of the percentage of long chain esters, while free alcohols and aldehydes decrease. Mutation gl5 was particularly interesting in accumulation up to 83.5% of free aldehydes compared to the normal where these long chain compounds reach 20.4% (Bianchi et al., Bioch. Gen. in press).

We report here the situation found in the double mutant gl1 gl2 where the aldehyde fraction disappears:
  Percent in the wax
Component Gl gl1 gl1 gl2 gl2
Alkanes 1.4 6.3 3.0 12.1
Aldehydes 20.4 6.3 - 10.2
Alcohols 62.7 17.2 21.3 23.7
Esters 15.5 70.2 75.5 54.0

The absence of aldehydes in gl1 gl2 waxes is also accompanied by modification in the relative composition of free alcohol homologues.

G. Bianchi, P. Avato and F. Salamini

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