Localizations of the independently inherited duplicate genes encoding the soluble malate dehydrogenase isozymes

The cytosolic or soluble malate dehydrogenase (s-MDH) isozymes are encoded by independently inherited duplicate genes, Mdh4 and Mdh5 (Goodman et al., MNL 52:99; Goodman et al., Genetics, in press; Newton, MNL 53.17-18). Mdh4 is on chromosome 1: it is included in TB-1La and TB-1La-5S8041 (Newton, Genetics 91:s88-89), mapping approximately 29 recombination units proximal to Adh1. Mdh5 is also included in TB-1La-5S8041 but not in TB-1La. Approximately 20% recombination between Mdh5 and a2 is observed. The fact that TB-1La-5S8041 uncovers Mdh5 suggests that this gene lies distal to a2 in the short arm of chromosome 5.

Kathleen J. Newton

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