A further cytogenetic localization of bz2

The bz2 locus has been further localized relative to translocations with breakpoints in 1L. It was previously known that bz2 is uncovered by TB-1La (see Beckett, 1978) and TB-1La-5S8041 (Robertson, MNL 49:79). To extend this work, the bz2 R-scm tester stock of Birchler (MNL 53:103) was crossed as females by a series of compound B-A translocations involving varying lengths of 1L and terminally replaced by distal 3L. The results are summarized below:
TB-A 1L Breakpt. bz2 Bz2
TB-1La-3L4759-3 0.39 0 75
TB-1La-3Le 0.58 0 330
TB-1La-3L5267 0.72 62 233
TB-1La   26 74

Thus bz2 lies between the 1L breakpoints of T1-3e and T1-3-5267, which cytologically corresponds to the region of 0.58-0.72.

Kathleen J. Newton and James A. Birchler

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