Recessive plant color intensifier a3 recombines with a1

The a3 factor (see MNL 53:27), which confers intense color in combination with a barred-allele at the B locus, is uncovered by TB-3La. To test for linkage with factors in this arm, colored (A1) seeds were selected from F2 ears from a3 + +/+ a1 et, classified for a3 and self-pollinated. Of 19 plants that were A1 A1 (out of 79 tested), 13 were a3 a3; 2 of the 6 A3 recombinants were +/et and 4 were +/+. Among 14 a3 a3 plants tested, all but one was A1 A1: the recombinant was a3 + +/a3 a1 et. Apparently a3 is to the left of a1, 4 to 16 units away (calculating 6 a3 A1 recombinant strands among 2 x 19 = 38 A1 strands, 16%; 1 a3 a1 among 28 a3, 4%).

E. H. Coe, Jr.

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